Franchise Speaks

Kids around the Training Lab are already impressed when they see us talking about things they’ve longed for and faced in their fairyland days, it feels great to work alongside RoboManiax and bring them down to life!

Kids are insanely motivated to work on their theory turned practical projects in the practical lab, it can be of a car that never collides or a fingerprint door lock! The courses provided are attractive and kids don’t root learn in this field because Understanding the Concept is the best way of Base building! I'm very happy to be associated with ROBOMANIAX EDUTECH Pvt Ltd and I'm looking forward for this journey where we grow with each other.

RoboManiax Edutech was already creating impact in South India and we thought of trying the STEM based models reach out to minds in the Seven Sisters, and started with Assam! The kids are awestruck and we look forward to pass them on with a vision of a tough knack for the same!

Already working in the field of Automation, it was already interesting and a great skill for the students around here without the same exposure as compared to the students in the other Metro cities of India! But, we feel that we are having the same potential where RoboManiax is helping us by breaking the barrier and reaching the most extreme doors!

Robotics and Automation were the game changing wind in the state of Maharashtra which I was thoroughly looking forward for! RoboManiax was the best alliance I can ever ask, and since the days of working together; we have never looked back and have never returned with a frowned face!

Being an Engineer myself had always been a craving for me to do something that might exactly change the world, and starting with educating kids about Robotics I feel that India is going to level up its state of Education very soon! Either by force or by reference, Robotics is the Pandora’s Box the whole world is searching for!

My school runs a Fully Digital and a Technology based curriculum and introducing Robotics to my kids proved to be a wonder! They have a better influence on theories, they have fun while learning and most importantly, they can just prove their books right by what they call it Circuit Prototyping, that too at a tender age of 8 Years!

RoboManiax is now in Zimbabwe in 2019. Its a nice program that would train the youth, important for children in Schools and Colleges on Technology and its usages.

Robomaniax Edutech Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company