Excellent endeavor in the field of Robotics and Technology pioneering in our country ,where the future demands for Robots !


  • Structures and Methodical Curriculum
  • Professionally Trained and Certified Staffs
  • Limited number of students in each batch to ensure individual attention
  • Competitions and activities held every year
  • Unique Features

    We focus on making fundamentals clear before we approch with the hands on session. Sessions held are more hands on than boring lectures, our students understand every aspect of the project they are working on and we let them experiment with features that we feel they should discover themselves.

    Students who complete the course are given individual projects to work on with similar principles they have been taught in class.


    “It is a very good approach of educating the millenial generation. I've been a part of this amazing batch, had great fun building robots. ”

    Nilanjana Roy
    Best Project of the Year,2017 batch

    Robotics is fun, and once you're fundamentals are clear, the entire playground is yours. Its time for automation.Its time for STEM learning.Its time for Robotics

  • Its time For STEM Learning
  • Its time to get Automation
  • Its time to get skilled
  • Its time for Robotics

    Robomaniax Edutech Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company