Our vision is to strengthen skilled future of technocrats by making practical education an integral part of their learning at an early age. To build a better India with technical education that starts at the grass root level, making practical learning a habit more than a dream.

Mayank Rajput
Founder & CEO


We are an organisation engaged in providing Robotics and Technology based education to the young minds through schooling education system in India. We do so by providing practical hands on experience to the students. Laboratory and field activities are traditional methods of giving students hands on experiences. Hands-on learning is the only way students can directly observe and understand science.

Our Mission

is to reach a maximum number of students in India starting from primary school onwards and creating awareness about learning technology at an early age. We achieve this by engaging stakeholders in in-dept investigations with object, materials, phenomena and ideas thereby drawing understanding from these experiences. Bringing the latest in Robotics world right at the doorsteps of the schools, colleges and institutes.
We are here to be the change maker in the field of STEM education, its just not ROBOTICS its way beyond that. We emphasize in bringing practical learning a mainstream, its no more just the theory, its time we do it.
We invite you to join hands and be the change we vision for the next generation of millenials.
Come, be our partner!

Robomaniax Edutech Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company